20th May 2016

#CDW2016 | Humanscale

CDW HS image Humanscale

One of the most active participants of Clerkenwell Design Week, Humanscale will be once again pulling out every stop in stock. The workplace experts are introducing 3 new products to the UK – Diffrient Smart Chair, M-Connect and Quickstand Lite. These taciturn developments in desktop workplace design enable employers to provide mindful, progressive tools for employees without refitting an entire office.

+ sculpture The Silver Thread by Mustafa & Erhan Afsarolgu in the Northborough Street showroom, built by locals Flint Fine Art

+ Talks on Tues & Wed lunchtime. Co-Working Communities: Building communities within the work environment and Wellbeing & Technology: Examining employee wellbeing in the tech revolution.

+ Humanscale Humour: laughs with Comedy Store Players on Wednesday night

+ official product launch on Wednesday evening of Diffrient Smart Chair, QuickStand Lite & M/Connect

+ ergonomics presentation by Professor Alan Hedge first thing on Thursday morning

+ private party at St Luke’s on Thursday night to close out Humanscale’s activities

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